Vacuum vessel contact dose build-up from start to end of ITER operations

  title={Vacuum vessel contact dose build-up from start to end of ITER operations},
  author={G. Cambi and D. Cepraga and M. Frisoni and F. Carloni and A. Chiasera},
  journal={20th IEEE/NPSS Symposium onFusion Engineering, 2003.},
The paper presents the ITER vacuum vessel (VV) contact dose build up evaluation from start to end of the machine life (expected to occur after about 20 years of operations, corresponding to an average neutron fluence of 0.5 MWa/m/sup 2/ on the first wall). The reference design used for ITER Generic Site Safety Report (GSSR) has been considered. Results are given for the inboard and outboard VV regions (and for both the front and rear 316L(N)-IG walls) in the radial equatorial plane. The Sn… Expand
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