Vacuum polarization in the spacetime of charged nonlinear black hole

  • Waldemar Berej, Jerzy Matyjasek
  • Published 2002


Building on general formulas obtained from the approximate renormalized effective action, the approximate stress-energy tensor of the quantized massive scalar field with arbitrary curvature coupling in the spacetime of charged black hole being a solution of coupled equations of nonlinear electrodynamics and general relativity is constructed and analysed. It is shown that in a few limiting cases, the analytical expressions relating obtained tensor to the general renormalized stress-energy tensor evaluated in the geometry of the Reissner-Nordström black hole could be derived. A detailed numerical analysis with special emphasis put on the minimal coupling is presented and the results are compared with those obtained earlier for the conformally coupled field. Some novel features of the renormalized stress-energy tensor are discussed. PACS numbers: 04.70.Dy, 04.62+v

9 Figures and Tables

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