Vacuum Waves

  title={Vacuum Waves},
  author={Paul S. Wesson},

Scaling Relations for the Cosmological ''Constant'' in Five-Dimensional Relativity

When the cosmological “constant” is derived from modern five-dimensional relativity, exact solutions imply that for small systems it scales in proportion to the square of the mass. However, a duality

M ay 2 01 7 New asymptotic Anti-de Sitter solution with a timelike extra dimension in 5 D relativity

In 5D relativity, the usual 4D cosmological constant is determined by the extra dimension. If the extra dimension is spacelike, one can get a positive cosmological constant Λ and a 4D de Sitter (dS)

Quantum Statistics in Cylindrical Time-evolution of Electrons and Physical Reality

Due to helical cylindrical time-evolution of electrons the mankind observation at a quantum mechanical scale depends on synchronization between observers and their surrounding cosmological medium by

Paul Wesson and Space-Time-Matter Theory

A short scientific biography is given of physicist Paul Wesson (1949-2015), who published over 300 works encompassing the fields of astrobiology, astrophysics, geophysics, cosmology, and relativity;

A Time-Space Symmetry Based Cylindrical Model for Quantum Mechanical Interpretations

Following a bi-cylindrical model of geometrical dynamics, our study shows that a 6D-gravitational equation leads to geodesic description in an extended symmetrical time–space, which fits Hubble-like

Extra dimensions and phase experiments

In modern Kaluza‐Klein theories which successfully unify gravity, electromagnetism and a scalar field, null geodesics in five dimensions lead to simplified expressions for phase shifts in

Quantum Uncertainty and the Fifth Dimension

If the world has an extra dimension, the motion of a particle in spacetime may be slightly modified, producing a correlation between the momentum and position similar to that familiar from the

Cosmic Acceleration from Varying Masses in Five Dimensions

Much effort has been made in trying to solve or at least evade the inconsistencies that emerge from general relativity as the framework for a cosmological model. The extradimensional models rise as



Five-Dimensional Physics

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Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics

Essential relativity

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