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Vacuum Polarization of a Scalar Field in a Rectangular Waveguide

  title={Vacuum Polarization of a Scalar Field in a Rectangular Waveguide},
  author={Robson B. Rodrigues and N. F. Svaiter},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
An analysis of the one-loop vacuum fluctuations associated with a scalar field confined in the interior of a infinite waveguide of rectangular cross section is presented. We first consider the massless scalar field defined in a four-dimensional Euclidean space. To identify the infinities of the vacuum fluctuations we use a combination of dimensinal and zeta function analytic regularization procedures. The infinities which occur in the one-loop vacuum fluctuations fall into two distinct classes… 

Local Zeta Regularization And The Scalar Casimir Effect: A General Approach Based On Integral Kernels

This is the first one of a series of papers about zeta regularization of the divergences appearing in the vacuum expectation value (VEV) of several local and global observables in quantum field

Boundary dependence of the coupling constant and the mass in the vector N-component (λvarphi4)D theory

Using the Matsubara formalism, we consider the massive (λ4)D vector N-component model in the large-N limit, the system being confined between two infinite parallel planes. We investigate the



Vacuum stress tensor of a scalar field in a rectangular waveguide

Using the heat kernel method and the analytic continuation of the zeta function, we calculate the canonical and improved vacuum stress tensors, ${T_{\mu \nu}(\vec{x})}$ and ${\Theta_{\mu

Book-Review - Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime

Preface 1. A quick course in quantum mechanics 2. Self-adjoint, elliptic differential operators and eigen-function expansions 3. Quantisation of a static, scalar field theory 4. Two-point functions

The Casimir Effect and Its Applications

The Casimir effect is analyzed. This effect consists of a polarization of the vacuum of quantized fields which arises as a result of a change in the spectrum of vacuum oscillations when the

Effective Lagrangians in Quantum Electrodynamics

The electron propagator in a constant external magnetic field.- The mass operator in a constant external magnetic field.- The polarization tensor in a constant external magnetic field.- One-loop

Methods of Mathematical Physics

Partial table of contents: THE ALGEBRA OF LINEAR TRANSFORMATIONS AND QUADRATIC FORMS. Transformation to Principal Axes of Quadratic and Hermitian Forms. Minimum-Maximum Property of Eigenvalues.

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