Vacuolar two-pore K+ channels act as vacuolar osmosensors.

  title={Vacuolar two-pore K+ channels act as vacuolar osmosensors.},
  author={Frans J M Maathuis},
  journal={The New phytologist},
  volume={191 1},
• Plant two-pore K(+) channels (TPKs) have been shown previously to play a role in vacuolar K(+) homeostasis. TPK activity is insensitive to membrane voltage, but regulated by cytoplasmic calcium and 14-3-3 proteins. This study reports that membrane stretch and osmotic gradients also alter the activity of TPKs from Arabidopsis, rice and barley, and that this may have a physiological relevance for osmotic homeostasis. • Mechanosensitivity was studied using patch clamp experiments and TPKs from… CONTINUE READING

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