Vacuolar ATPase activity is required for endosomal carrier vesicle formation.

  title={Vacuolar ATPase activity is required for endosomal carrier vesicle formation.},
  author={Michael J Clague and Sylvie Urb{\'e} and Fernando Aniento and Jean Gruenberg},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={269 1},
A proton pump, the vacuolar ATPase, is known to generate the acidic lumenal environment of endosomes and lysosomes. We have investigated the role of the vacuolar ATPase in endocytic membrane traffic by combining electron microscopy in vivo with a cell-free assay that reconstitutes endosome fusion in vitro. Our observations show that inactivation of this proton pump with bafilomycin A1 has no significant effects on internalization or recycling back to the plasma membrane. However, early… CONTINUE READING


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