Vaccinia Virus in Household Environment during Bovine Vaccinia Outbreak, Brazil

  title={Vaccinia Virus in Household Environment during Bovine Vaccinia Outbreak, Brazil},
  author={Felipe Lopes de Assis and Iara Apolin{\'a}rio Borges and Vaz S. Mesquita and Paulo C. P. Ferreira and Giliane de Souza Trindade and Erna Geessien Kroon and J{\^o}natas Santos Abrah{\~a}o},
  booktitle={Emerging infectious diseases},
epithelium, we believed this organism to be a Cyclospora sp. rather than a Cystoisospora sp. We searched the serum bank of the Division of Parasitic Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and identified a serum sample from a person with a case of C. cayetanensis cyclosporiasis. An indirect immunofluorescence test was performed by using this serum on a deparaffinized section of the tissue biopsy specimen. Different stages of the coccidian organism were labeled brightly and… CONTINUE READING


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