Vaccines in immunocompromised patients.

  title={Vaccines in immunocompromised patients.},
  author={Pranita D. Tamma},
  journal={Pediatrics in review},
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  • P. Tamma
  • Published 2010
  • Medicine
  • Pediatrics in review

Vaccination against Cancer or Infectious Agents during Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy

The main principles of prophylactic and therapeutic cancer vaccines, the potential impact on combining therapeutic cancervaccines with ICI, and the current knowledge of safety and effectiveness of influenza and COVID-19 vaccines in ICI-treated patients are discussed.

Infection prevention by vaccinations in immunocompromised patients

The findings and conclusions of this thesis support existing vaccination recommendations for ICPs with scientific evidence, and contributed to their improvement.

Safety of Second-Dose Single-Antigen Varicella Vaccine

Robust safety monitoring remains an important component of the national varicella vaccination program and only previously known AEs were reported more frequently after second-dose varICElla vaccination compared with other vaccines.

Challenges in vaccinating infants born to mothers taking immunoglobulin biologicals during pregnancy

This review summarizes the available evidence to discuss the issues of immunoglobulin biological exposure in utero, neonatal immune function, long-term immune development, and the challenges and strategies of vaccinating newborns and infants who were born to mothers taking biologicals during pregnancy.

Systemic use of non-biologic corticosteroids in orofacial diseases.

This study reviews the corticosteroid-sparing agents used in the management of orofacial diseases, such as calcineurin inhibitors used to produce immunosuppression; purine synthetase inhibitors; and cytotoxic and other immunomodulatory agents.

Human Immunoglobulin 10 % with Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase: Replacement Therapy in Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders

IGHy offers a new method for subcutaneous delivery of human immunoglobulin replacement therapy in patients with PIDs and was associated with a numerically lower rate of systemic adverse events and a numerally higher rate of localized adverse events than those observed with intravenous treatment.

Title Live Attenuated S . Typhimurium Vaccine with Improved Safety in ImmunoCompromised Mice Permalink

The data suggest that it is possible to engineer live attenuated vaccines which are specifically attenuated in immuno-compromised hosts, which might help to improve vaccine safety.



Immunization of pediatric solid‐organ transplantation candidates: Immunizations in transplant candidates

The administration of vaccines to transplant candidates earlier and more rapidly than in the healthy child will improve vaccination rates among transplant recipients while not compromising immunogenicity.

Immunizations in HIV-infected adults.

The incidence or severity of certain vaccine-preventable diseases is higher in HIV-infected individuals. However, immune responses to vaccination may be diminished, particularly in those with severe