Vaccine sentiments and under-vaccination: Attitudes and behaviour around Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine (MMR) in an Australian cohort.

  title={Vaccine sentiments and under-vaccination: Attitudes and behaviour around Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine (MMR) in an Australian cohort.},
  author={Mathew Toll and Ang Li},
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Attitudes Towards Vaccines And Intention to Vaccinate Against Covid-19: A Statistical Analyze
The aim of present study is to analyze the attitude towards Covid 19 vaccine in Kocaeli province and the factors that may cause this attitude. Data were applied to 248 people via an online survey.
Evaluation of COVID-19 Vaccine Attitudes among Arab American Healthcare Professionals Living in the United States
Study of attitudes towards the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine amongst Arab American health professionals living in the United States found that vaccine hesitancy among health care providers could have substantial impact on vaccine attitudes of the general population.


Factors associated with uptake of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR) and use of single antigen vaccines in a contemporary UK cohort: prospective cohort study
Although MMR uptake in this cohort is high, a substantial proportion of children remain susceptible to avoidable infection, largely because parents consciously decide not to immunise.
Factors associated with delayed infant immunization in a nationally representative cohort study
Delayed immunization was significantly associated with indicators of social disadvantage as well as parental disagreement with immunization, and researchers and policy-makers should consider how to make timely immunization easier for busy parents.
Factors associated with suboptimal compliance to vaccinations in children in developed countries: a systematic review
By recognizing and understanding factors associated with suboptimal compliance to vaccinations the authors can better approach the risk populations and target their efforts at stressing and reinforcing the vital importance of immunizations.
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This paper describes the linked data and provides guidance to data users on how to prepare it for analysis and continues to inform the development of best practice for the control of vaccine preventable diseases in Australia.
Childhood Vaccination Mandates: Scope, Sanctions, Severity, Selectivity, and Salience.
A taxonomy for classifying real-world and theoretical mandatory childhood vaccination policies, according to their scope, sanctions and severity, and selectivity, and focuses attention on those features of vaccine mandates that are most relevant for comparative judgments.