Vaccine-induced allo-HLA-reactive memory T cells in a kidney transplantation candidate.

  title={Vaccine-induced allo-HLA-reactive memory T cells in a kidney transplantation candidate.},
  author={Lloyd J A D'Orsogna and Nicole M van Besouw and Ellen P.M.W. van der Meer-Prins and Pieter van der Pol and Marry E I Franke-van Dijk and Yvonne M Zoet and Arno R. van der Slik and Willem W Weimar and Cees van Kooten and Arend Mulder and Dave L Roelen and Ilias I. N. Doxiadis and Franz H J Claas},
  volume={91 6},
BACKGROUND Allo-human leukocyte antigen (HLA) reactivity by naturally acquired viral-specific memory T cells is common. However, the effect of successful vaccination on the alloreactive memory T-cell repertoire is unclear. We hypothesized that vaccination could specifically induce allo-HLA-reactive memory T cells. METHODS A varicella-zoster virus (VZV) immediate early 62 (IE62)-specific CD8 memory T-cell clone was single cell sorted from a VZV seronegative renal transplant candidate after… CONTINUE READING


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Allo-HLA reactivity of viral specific memory T-cells is common

  • A Amir, L D’Orsogna, D Roelen
  • Blood
  • 2010

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