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Vaccination risks in children with rare diseases

  title={Vaccination risks in children with rare diseases},
  author={Andrea Taddio and Angela Pirrone and S. Pastore and Loredana Lepore and C Battista and Gabriele Simonini and Luciana Breda},
The increasing use of ultrasound in the study of multiple parts of the body, has profoundly changed the diagnostic approach in numerous childhood clinical scenarios. Some technical aspects, such as minor thicknesses to go through and the lower fat content of tissues, make children optimal subjects for diagnostic ultrasound; exams are also well tolerated by young patients and appreciated by their parents, not painful or invasive and they do not need annoying preparations and/or sedation. Due to… Expand
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Vaccination risks in children with rare diseases
It has been demonstrated that premature infants have a proper immune response to vaccinations received in the first year of life and side effects do not exceed that recorded for terms infants and preterm babies should be vaccinated according to the recommended schedule for term infants, without correction for gestational age. Expand


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A pilot phase I study in 11 children with cow’s milk allergy by using omalizumab (anti-IgE mAb; Xolair; Genentech, South San Francisco, Calif) in combination with relatively rapid oral milk desensitization to examine the safety of this approach and to determine whether subjects could be dosed up to 2000 mg milk within 7 to 11 weeks of initiating the desensItization. Expand
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  • W. Sellers
  • Medicine
  • British journal of anaesthesia
  • 2013
This narrative review aims to show strengths and weakness of the evidence, present controversies, and forward opinions of the author, and presents a commonsense approach to the management of severe asthmatics in whom delay in bronchodilatation would cause clinical deterioration. Expand
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