Vaccination against ovine cysticercosis using a defined recombinant antigen

  title={Vaccination against ovine cysticercosis using a defined recombinant antigen},
  author={Kelly S Johnson and Gavin Harrison and Marshall W. Lightowlers and K. L. O'Hoy and W. G. Cougle and R. P. Dempster and Stephen B Lawrence and J. G. Vinton and David D. Heath and Michael D. Rickard},
CYSTICERCOSIS caused by larval tapeworms is a major public health problem and a cause of substantial economic losses in the farm-animal industries. Taenia ovis in sheep is a particularly important example. Immunity to reinfection with the larvae has a central role in regulating natural transmission of the parasites1, and vaccination with antigens from the early larval oncosphere stage can induce complete protection against infection2. As it is impractical to obtain enough oncospheres for a… CONTINUE READING

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