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VY Scl-Type Star V504 Cen

  title={VY Scl-Type Star V504 Cen},
  author={T. Kato and Robert Stubbings},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
V504 Cen was classified as a possible R CrB-type star. Although this object has been spectroscopically confirmed to be a cataclysmic variable, no detailed study has been yet published. We show, from long-term visual observations and ASAS-3 public CCD data, that the light variation of V504 Cen is that of a typical VY Scl-type cataclysmic variable. This report for the first time presents a light curve and description of this overlooked rare bright VY Scl-type object. 
MP Gem: VY Scl-type star, finally
  • Taichi Kato
  • Physics
  • 2021
MP Gem has long been suspected as a long-period eclipsing binary, which had not been seen in faint state for 71 years since the discovery in 1944. Its nature has been a mystery. Using Public DataExpand


General catalogue of variable stars, fourth edition, vol. IV
Presnetation of the fourth edition of the Genearl Catalogue of Variable Stars, avaibable at the Centre de Donnees Stellaires of Strasbourg.