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  author={S. K. Prashanth and N. Sambasiva Rao},
cloud computing is a resource sharing, low cost and offering services to users over Internet on rented base. Such services attract the organization to increase or decrease the resources as per requirement. However, the cloud computing services are provided by third-party which is difficult to maintain data security and adds risk to it. Cloud computing has pros and cons such as flexibility, availability, scalability and security issues respectively. We discuss here, to find vulnerabilities in… 

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An algorithm to find relationships between web vulnerabilities

A new method to map web vulnerability classifications is proposed and the result will be the vulnerabilities an automatic scanner has to detect, which could be executed when the existing classifications change or when new classifications are developed.



Implementing digital signature with RSA encryption algorithm to enhance the Data Security of cloud in Cloud Computing

This Research Paper has tried to assess Cloud Storage Methodology and Data Security in cloud by the Implementation of digital signature with RSA algorithm.

Trust Model to Enhance Security and Interoperability of Cloud Environment

A novel cloud trust model is introduced to solve security issues in cross-clouds environment in which cloud customer can choose different providers' services and resources in heterogeneous domains can cooperate.

Mobility Can Help: Protect User Identity with Dynamic Credential

  • Sheng XiaoW. Gong
  • Computer Science
    2010 Eleventh International Conference on Mobile Data Management
  • 2010
Many communication randomness, like the user mobility, were commonly believed harmful for security are converted to helpful elements to generate dynamic credentials, which introduces interesting security properties.

Security in the cloud

Cloud computing offers many advantages, but also involves security risks, so researchers are devising some ingenious solutions to solve these problems.

Side Channels in Cloud Services: Deduplication in Cloud Storage

As the volume of data increases, so does the demand for online storage services, from simple backup services to cloud storage infrastructures. Although deduplication is most effective when applied

PALM: Security Preserving VM Live Migration for Systems with VMM-enforced Protection

A secure migration system that provides live migration capability to VMs in VMM-enforced process protection systems, while not degrading the protection level is proposed.

Managing security of virtual machine images in a cloud environment

An image management system is proposed that controls access to images, tracks the provenance of images, and provides users and administrators with efficient image filters and scanners that detect and repair security violations.

Homomorphic Encryption Method Applied to Cloud Computing

This paper proposes the application of a method to perform the operation on encrypted data without decrypting and provide the same result as well that the calculations were carried out on raw data and uses proxy re-encryption technique that prevents ciphertext from chosen cipher text attack.

Selecting the Right Data Distribution Scheme for a Survivable Storage System (CMU-CS-01-120)

It is demonstrated that no choice is right for all systems, and an approach to codifying and visualizing this trade-o space is presented, exploring the sensitivity of the space to system characteristics, workload, and desired levels of security and availability.

What's inside the Cloud? An architectural map of the Cloud landscape

We propose an integrated Cloud computing stack architecture to serve as a reference point for future mash-ups and comparative studies. We also show how the existing Cloud landscape maps into this