VSV disrupts the Rae1/mrnp41 mRNA nuclear export pathway.

  title={VSV disrupts the Rae1/mrnp41 mRNA nuclear export pathway.},
  author={Paula C. L. A. Faria and Papia Chakraborty and Agata K Levay and Glen N Barber and Heather J. Ezelle and Jost Enninga and Carlos Arana and Jan van Deursen and Beatriz M A Fontoura},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={17 1},
Interference with nucleocytoplasmic transport is a strategy employed by certain viruses to compromise host cellular function. While it has been shown that the matrix (M) protein of the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) inhibits nuclear export of host cell mRNAs, the underlying mechanism has not been fully established. Here we show that VSV M protein binds the mRNA export factor Rae1/mrnp41. A mutant of M protein defective in Rae1 binding is unable to inhibit mRNA nuclear export. We further show… CONTINUE READING
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