VQ Digital Video Transmission through Coaxial Cable using OFDM

  title={VQ Digital Video Transmission through Coaxial Cable using OFDM},
  author={M.A. Prieto Portillo and O.A. Munoz-Noyola and Ram{\'o}n M. Rodr{\'i}guez-Dagnino},
  journal={IEEE Latin America Transactions},
Transmission of high definition digital video (HDTV) by satellite, cable (CATV), and optical networks is an area of intense activity, specially in Europe and North America, where the main challenge is to increase the number of TV channels in the assigned spectrum. In this paper, OFDM modulation is studied for HDTV transmission on a 6 MHz bandwidth channel by using coaxial cable as a transmission medium. Attenuation, phase shift and propagation time are considered, as well as the prevailing… 
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