VPS35 and DNAJC13 disease-causing variants in essential tremor

  title={VPS35 and DNAJC13 disease-causing variants in essential tremor},
  author={Alex Rajput and Jay P. Ross and Cecily Q. Bernales and S. R. Pavan Kumar. Rayaprolu and Alexandra I. Soto-Ortolaza and Owen A. Ross and Jay A Van Gerpen and Ryan J. Uitti and Zbigniew K Wszolek and Ali H. Rajput and Carles Vilari{\~n}o-G{\"u}ell},
  journal={European Journal of Human Genetics},
Exome-sequencing analyses have identified vacuolar protein sorting 35 homolog (VPS35) and DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily C, member 13 (DNAJC13) harboring disease-causing variants for Parkinson disease (PD). Owing to the suggested clinical, pathological and genetic overlap between PD and essential tremor (ET) we assessed the presence of two VPS35 and… CONTINUE READING