VLT/NACO adaptive optics imaging of Titan ?

  title={VLT/NACO adaptive optics imaging of Titan ?},
  author={Eric Gendron and Ath{\'e}na Coustenis and Pierre Drossart and Michel Combes and Mathieu Hirtzig and Francois Lacombe and Daniel Rouan and Claude Collin and Stanley Pau and A. M. Lagrange and David Mouillet and Patrick Rabou and Thierry Fusco and Gerard Zins},
The advent of the NAOS/CONICA adaptive optics system at the ESO Very Large Telescope recently gave us the opportunity to map the surface of Titan and to search for atmospheric variations at high spatial resolution and contrast. We report here the first results from a series of observations of Titan performed with this instrument in a number of near-infrared narrow-band filters, covering various altitude regions and three dierent longitudes (out of the 16 days of Titan's orbit). We have achieved… CONTINUE READING

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