VLSI implementation of visible watermarking for secure digital still camera design

  title={VLSI implementation of visible watermarking for secure digital still camera design},
  author={Saraju P. Mohanty and N. Ranganathan and Ravi Namballa},
  journal={17th International Conference on VLSI Design. Proceedings.},
Watermarking is the process that embeds data called a watermark into a multimedia object for its copyright protection. The digital watermarks can be visible to a viewer on careful inspection or completely invisible and cannot be easily recovered without an appropriate decoding mechanism. Digital image watermarking is a computationally intensive task and can be speeded up significantly by implementing in hardware. In this work, we describe a new VLSI architecture for implementing two different… 

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FPGA Based Implementation of an Invisible-Robust Image Watermarking Encoder

An FPGA based implementation of an invisible spatial domain watermarking encoder consists of a watermark generator, watermark insertion module, and a controller and focuses on the structural design aspects of watermarks generator using linear feedback shift register.

A new visible watermarking technique applied to CMOS image sensor

A new visible watermarking solution for CMOS image sensor which can enhance secure features of captured images and allows a digital watermark to be embedded in an image immediately upon its capture, before leaving the imaging chip.

Pipelined and Parallel Architecture of Reversible Watermarking for Greyscale Images

A reversible watermarking strategy using prediction technique with its hardware architecture is proposed and three different architectural structures are proposed as pipelined, parallel and dataflow architecture with embedding concept.

Efficient Dual Domain Watermarking Scheme for Secure Images

  • A. JoshiA. Darji
  • Computer Science
    2009 International Conference on Advances in Recent Technologies in Communication and Computing
  • 2009
The proposed algorithm has been developed to take advantage of both spatial as well as frequency domain properties, which have advantage of less computational cost and more robustness.

A secure digital camera architecture for integrated real-time digital rights management

Integration of a digital watermarking system into a Morphological Scene Change Detector (MSCD) for tamper prevention and detection

In this paper, a digital watermarking approach is investigated using the DSP Builder methodology in order to provide the Morphological Scene Change Detector (MSCD) with a means by which if it detects an intruder, a watermarked copy of the triggering image is produced.

An invisible dual watermarking scheme for authentication and copyrights protection

This paper discusses how two algorithms defined separately can be combined to produce a secure digital camera which provides a solution to these problems, authentication and copyrights protection.



VLSI implementation of invisible digital watermarking algorithms towards the development of a secure JPEG encoder

This work has developed a hardware system that can insert both robust and fragile invisible watermarks in the image, and is believed to be the first watermarking chip implementing both invisible-robust and invisible-fragile watermarks.

VLSI implementation of online digital watermarking technique with difference encoding for 8-bit gray scale images

This implementation of fragile invisible watermarking is carried out in the spatial domain and the standard ASIC design flow for a 0.13 /spl mu/m CMOS technology has been used to implement the algorithm.

Hardware implementation perspectives of digital video watermarking algorithms

The time and area constraints that must be satisfied by a successful hardware implementation of a well-known video watermarking algorithm are discussed and a hardware architecture that implements the algorithm under the constraints is proposed.

Embedding visible video watermarks in the compressed domain

  • Jianhao MengShih-Fu Chang
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 1998 International Conference on Image Processing. ICIP98 (Cat. No.98CB36269)
  • 1998
A novel compressed-domain approach to embedding visible watermarks in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams that adapt to the local video features such as brightness and complexity to achieve consistent perceptual visibility.

A dual watermarking technique for images

This paper proposes a watermarking scheme that is a combination of a visible watermark and an invisible watermark that is embedded in a multimedia document for copyright protection.

Implementation of a real-time digital watermarking process for broadcast monitoring on a TriMedia VLIW processor

The implementation of a real-time digital watermark embedder and detector for television broadcast monitoring is addressed and the results prove the feasibility of a professional broadcast surveillance system named VIVA (visual identity verification auditor).

Watermarking of Digital Images

A Note to All Readers This is not an original electronic copy of the master's thesis, but a reproduced version of the authentic hardcopy of the thesis that was lost during transit from India to USA in December 1999.

PRINCIPLES OF CMOS VLSI DESIGN A Systems Perspective Second Edition

CMOS Circuit and Logic Design: The Complemenatry CMOS Inverter-DC Characteristics and Design Strategies.

Protecting digital media content

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Watermarkingof Digital Images,

  • M.S. thesis,IndianInstituteof
  • 1999