VIII. An account of a spiritus vini æthereus, together with several experiments tried therewith

  title={VIII. An account of a spiritus vini {\ae}thereus, together with several experiments tried therewith},
  author={Joannes Sigismundus Augustus Frobenius},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London},
  pages={283 - 289}
The æther of plants appears to be almost destitute of all gross air, from placing it under the receiver of the air-pump; for exhaust the air ever so accurately, this. ætherial liquor remains unmoved, nor does it emit any air-bubbles which immediately arise in other liquors, and according as their quantity of intrinsick air is greater, so much the sooner are such liquors put into agitation, and emit also more froth, and more vehement ebullitions in proportion to viscidity. 
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