VII. The Liberal Leadership and the Lords' Veto, 1907–1910

  title={VII. The Liberal Leadership and the Lords' Veto, 1907–1910},
  author={Corinne Comstock Weston},
  journal={The Historical Journal},
  pages={508 - 537}
  • C. Weston
  • Published 1 September 1968
  • History
  • The Historical Journal
The official biographers of H. H. Asquith believed that his sole difference of any importance with Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman in the period when Asquith served as his principal lieutenant rose in connexion with the Trade Disputes Act of 1906. In fact, another important difference divided them in the following spring, this one rising out of their respective views on the proper mode of limiting the veto of the house of lords. That of Campbell-Bannerman is well known. He sponsored a plan of… 
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