VHR/DUSP3 phosphatase: structure, function and regulation.

  title={VHR/DUSP3 phosphatase: structure, function and regulation.},
  author={Karolina Pavic and Guangyou Duan and Maja K{\"o}hn},
  journal={The FEBS journal},
  volume={282 10},
Vaccinia H1-related (VHR) phosphatase, also known as dual-specificity phosphatase (DUSP) 3, is a small member of the DUSP (also called DSP) family of phosphatases. VHR has a preference for phospho-tyrosine substrates, and has important roles in cellular signaling ranging from cell-cycle regulation and the DNA damage response to MAPK signaling, platelet activation and angiogenesis. VHR/DUSP3 has been implicated in several human cancers, where its tumor-suppressing and -promoting properties have… CONTINUE READING