VHEeP: a very high energy electron–proton collider

  title={VHEeP: a very high energy electron–proton collider},
  author={Allen Caldwell and Matthew Wing},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
Based on current CERN infrastructure, an electron–proton collider is proposed at a centre-of-mass energy of about 9 TeV. A 7 TeV LHC bunch is used as the proton driver to create a plasma wakefield which then accelerates electrons to 3 TeV, these then colliding with the other 7 TeV LHC proton beam. Although of very high energy, the collider has a modest projected integrated luminosity of 10–100 pb$$^{-1}$$-1. For such a collider, with a centre-of-mass energy 30 times greater than HERA, parton… CONTINUE READING
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