VFK1, a Vicia faba K(+) channel involved in phloem unloading.

  title={VFK1, a Vicia faba K(+) channel involved in phloem unloading.},
  author={Peter Ache and Dirk Becker and Rosalia Deeken and Ingo Dreyer and Hans Weber and J{\"o}rg H Fromm and Rainer Hedrich},
  journal={The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology},
  volume={27 6},
In search of a K(+) channel involved in phloem transport we screened a Vicia faba cotyledon cDNA library taking advantage of a set of degenerated primers, flanking regions conserved among K(+) uptake channels. We cloned VFK1 (for Vicia faba K(+) channel 1) characterised by a structure known from the Shaker family of plant K(+) channels. When co-expressed with a KAT1 mutant in Xenopus oocytes, heteromers revealed the biophysical properties of a K(+) selective, proton-blocked channel. Northern… CONTINUE READING