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VERITAS contributions to the 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

  title={VERITAS contributions to the 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference},
  author={Veritas collaboration E. Aliu and Simon Archambault and T. Aune and B. Behera and Matthias Beilicke and Wystan Benbow and Karine Berger and Ralph D. Bird and Audrey Bouvier and J. H. Buckley and V. I. Bugaev and Kristie Byrum and Joshua V. Cardenzana and Matteo Cerruti and L. Ciupik and M. P. Connolly and Wei Cui and J. P. Dumm and Vikram V. Dwarkadas and Manel Errando and Abraham David Falcone and Stefania Federici and Qingguo Feng and John P. Finley and P. Fortin and Lucy Fortson and Andrew Furniss and Nicola Galante and G. H. Gillanders and Shelly M. Griffin and Scott Griffiths and J. Grube and Geza Gyuk and Daniel Hanna and Jamie Holder and Gareth P. Hughes and Thomas Brian Humensky and Phillip Kaaret and M. P. Kertzman and Yerbol Farkhatuly Khassen and D. Kieda and Henric S. Krawczynski and Frank Krennrich and S. Shiva Kumar and Matthew J. Lang and A. S. Madhavan and Gert Maier and Poulomi Majumdar and Steven McArthur and Aaron J. McCann and Joy Millis and Philip Moriarty and Reshmi Mukherjee and T. Nelson and D. Nieto and A. de Bhroithe O'Faolain and Rene A. Ong and Adam Nepomuk Otte and Nigel Park and Jimmye Shannon Perkins and Martin Pohl and A. Popkow and Heike Prokoph and J. Quinn and K. Ragan and J. Rajotte and Luis Carlos Reyes and P. T. Reynolds and Gregory T. Richards and E. Roache and Julien Rousselle and Glenn H. Sembroski and F. Sheidaei and Andrew William Smith and David Staszak and Igor Telezhinsky and M. Theiling and Jer{\'o}nimo Tucci and J. Tyler and Angelo Varlotta and St{\'e}phane P. Vincent and Robert Gene Wagner and Scott Patrick Wakely and Trevor C. Weekes and Amanda J. Weinstein and Roman Welsing and D A Williams and Benjamin Zitzer},
Compilation of papers presented by the VERITAS Collaboration at the 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC), held July 12 through July 20, 2017 in Busan, South Korea. 

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