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VERITAS Discovery of Variability in the VHE Gamma-Ray Emission of 1ES 1218+304

  title={VERITAS Discovery of Variability in the VHE Gamma-Ray Emission of 1ES 1218+304},
  author={Asif Imran and for the Star Collaboration},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
1ES 1218+304 is among a group of several TeV blazars that exhibit surprisingly hard energy spectra given their redshifts. The VERITAS collaboration has carried out an intensive observing campaign of 1ES 1218+304 in early 2009 to characterize the emission properties of one of these hard-spectra distant blazars in more detail. While hard-spectra TeV blazars are most promising for unveiling putative signatures from EBL absorption, they may also have implications on shock acceleration scenarios in… Expand
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