VEGF-mediated cross-talk within the neonatal murine thymus.

  title={VEGF-mediated cross-talk within the neonatal murine thymus.},
  author={Andrew R. Cuddihy and Shundi Ge and Judy Zhu and Julie Jang and Ann P. Chidgey and Gavin Thurston and Richard Boyd and Gay M. Crooks},
  volume={113 12},
Although the mechanisms of cross-talk that regulate the hematopoietic and epithelial compartments of the thymus are well established, the interactions of these compartments with the thymic endothelium have been largely ignored. Current understanding of the thymic vasculature is based on studies of adult thymus. We show that the neonatal period represents a unique phase of thymic growth and differentiation, marked by endothelium that is organized as primitive, dense networks of capillaries… CONTINUE READING