VDAC2 inhibits BAK activation and mitochondrial apoptosis.

  title={VDAC2 inhibits BAK activation and mitochondrial apoptosis.},
  author={Emily H.-Y. Cheng and Tatiana V. Sheiko and Jill K. Fisher and William J. Craigen and S Stanley J. Korsmeyer},
  volume={301 5632},
The multidomain proapoptotic molecules BAK or BAX are required to initiate the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis. How cells maintain the potentially lethal proapoptotic effector BAK in a monomeric inactive conformation at mitochondria is unknown. In viable cells, we found BAK complexed with mitochondrial outer-membrane protein VDAC2, a VDAC isoform present in low abundance that interacts specifically with the inactive conformer of BAK. Cells deficient in VDAC2, but not cells lacking the more… CONTINUE READING
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