VCSELs as light source for time-of-flight sensors

  title={VCSELs as light source for time-of-flight sensors},
  author={Holger Moench and Manuel Frey and Martin Grabherr and Stephan Gronenborn and Ralph Gudde and Johanna S. Kolb and Michael Miller and Alexander Weigl},
  • Holger Moench, Manuel Frey, +5 authors Alexander Weigl
  • Published in OPTO 2017
  • Physics, Engineering
  • VCSELs and VCSEL arrays are an ideal light source for time-of-flight based sensors. The narrow emission spectrum and the ability for short pulses make them superior to LEDs. Combined with fast photodiodes or special camera chips spatial 3D information can be obtained which is needed in diverse applications like camera autofocus, indoor navigation, 3Dobject recognition or even autonomously driving vehicles. VCSEL arrays are the way to tailor the output power. For pulse operation at low duty… CONTINUE READING

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