VAX floating point: a solid foundation for numerical computation

  title={VAX floating point: a solid foundation for numerical computation},
  author={Mary Payne and Dileep Bhandarkar},
  journal={SIGARCH Comput. Archit. News},
This paper describes the environment provided by the recently announced enhanced VAX floating point architecture and compares it with the features described in various proposals for an IEEE Floating Point Standard. The IEEE Standards Committee created a Working Group on Floating Point Arithmetic late in 1977. Four formal proposals for a floating point standard have been submitted to the Working Group. Of these, three have received extensive discussion. The fourth describes a floating point… 

A Bibliography of Publications on Floating-Point Arithmetic

This is a bibliography of material on floating-point arithmetic that I came up with while doing research on a floating-point package of my own. I don’t claim it to be anywhere near complete. The

Comparison of Floating-Point Numbers Absolute Values when Representation of the Exponents with Sign-Inverse Two’s Complementary Code

Comparison of floating-point numbers absolute values is implemented by a joint one-step analysis of operands exponents and fractions. Rules for determination of comparison signs for floating-point

Negotiating Arithmetic, Constructing Proof: The Sociology of Mathematics and Information Technology

It is argued that this extension of the domain of application of mathematical proof involves the negotiation of what a proof consists in, and that there will be litigation concerning not just what kind of argument counts as a proof, but over the internal structure of formal proofs.

Persistent object stores

The design and development of a type secure persistent object store is presented as part of an architecture to support experiments in concurrency, transactions and distribution and the architecture's ability to support a variety of storage configurations is presented.

Analysis of Proposals for the Floating-Point Standard

The committee considered three major proposals. Although the one adopted is nontraditional and seems radically different from the others, it shares many details with them.

The General Single-Dish Data format: A retrospective

Arquitectura de procesadores especializados en cálculo geométrico: aplicación a procesos de fabricación

Esta tesis doctoral presenta la concepcion y realizacion de un modelo de procesamiento que se adecua a los requerimientos de computacion propios del ambito de los procesos de fabricacion, en los que



A Proposed Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic

This proposed standard facilitates transportation of numerically oriented programs and encourages development of high-quality numerical software.

Draft proposal for a binary normalized floating point standard

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