VASP governs actin dynamics by modulating filament anchoring.

  title={VASP governs actin dynamics by modulating filament anchoring.},
  author={L{\'e}a Trichet and Otger Camp{\`a}s and C{\'e}cile Sykes and Julie Plastino},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={92 3},
Actin filament dynamics at the cell membrane are important for cell-matrix and cell-cell adhesions and the protrusion of the leading edge. Since actin filaments must be connected to the cell membrane to exert forces but must also detach from the membrane to allow it to move and evolve, the balance between actin filament tethering and detachment at adhesion sites and the leading edge is key for cell shape changes and motility. How this fine tuning is performed in cells remains an open question… CONTINUE READING


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