VAIPA: A video-aware internet protocol architecture

  title={VAIPA: A video-aware internet protocol architecture},
  author={V{\'i}ctor Murcia and Meli Delgado and Tito R. Vargas and Juan Carlos Guerri and Javier Antich},
  journal={2011 IEEE 12th International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing},
This paper shows that a reasonably better network bandwidth utilization in IPTV or general video delivery networks can be obtained with an automated RSVP-TE LSP reservation mechanism and by adding some video-awareness “intelligence” to certain Label Switching Routers which are part of the service provider's MPLS core network. We have implemented this intelligence on Juniper routers taking advantage of the JUNOS SDK, deployed the solution on a network test bed, and performed some measurements to… CONTINUE READING