VAB-4 combination chemotherapy in the treatment of metastatic testis tumors.


Forty-two patients with advanced testis carcinoma without previous chemotherapy were treated with VAB-4, and 41 were evaluable. The program consisted of three in-hospital inductions 16 weeks apart, and outpatient treatments every three weeks. Of the patients, 80% achieved complete remissions (CR). Chemotherapy alone induced CR in 61%, partial remissions (PR), in 24% and minor response (MR), in 15%. An additional 20% of patients (six PRs and 2 MRs) achieved CR following resection of residual tumor deposits. With a median follow-up of 27 months, the median duration of CR has not been reached. Of those achieving CR to chemotherapy alone, 12% had relapses. Bulk and extent of metastatic disease, histology of primary tumor, and tumor markers at the beginning of therapy influenced the frequency of CR. Of those with minimal disease, 90% achieved CR. The CR rate was 67% for those with advanced thoracic disease and 29% for those with advanced abdominal disease. Patients who had embryonal carcinoma and those who had no elevation of alpha-fetoprotein had a higher frequency of CRs. Myelosuppression with a leukocyte count drop less than 1000/mm3 occurred in three patients, and no patient had chronic renal failure or pulmonary fibrosis. One patient died from sepsis while in complete remission.


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