V60/V70 microprocessor and its systems support functions

  title={V60/V70 microprocessor and its systems support functions},
  author={Y. Yano and Y. Koumoto and Yoshikuni Sato},
  journal={Digest of Papers. COMPCON Spring 88 Thirty-Third IEEE Computer Society International Conference},
  • Y. Yano, Y. Koumoto, Yoshikuni Sato
  • Published 1988
  • Computer Science
  • Digest of Papers. COMPCON Spring 88 Thirty-Third IEEE Computer Society International Conference
Two advanced 32-bit microprocessors, the V60 and V70 ( mu PD70616 and mu PD70632, respectively), and their support functions for operating systems and high-reliability systems are described. Three operating system functions, namely, the virtual memory support functions, context-switch functions, and asynchronous trap functions are examined. A basic mechanism for high-reliability-system implementation, called FRM (functional redundancy monitoring), is discussed. FRM allows a system to be… Expand
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