V456 Cyg: An eclipsing binary with tidally perturbed g-mode pulsations

  title={V456 Cyg: An eclipsing binary with tidally perturbed g-mode pulsations},
  author={Timothy Van Reeth and John Southworth and J. Van Beeck and Dominic M. Bowman},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. Many well-known bright stars have been observed by the ongoing transiting exoplanet survey satellite (TESS) space mission. For several of them, these new data reveal previously unobserved variability, such as tidally perturbed pulsations in close binary stars. Aims. Using newly detected gravity-mode ( g -mode) pulsations in V456Cyg, we aim to determine the global stellar properties of this short-period eclipsing binary and evaluate the interaction between these pulsations and the tides… 

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