V. I. Lenin on the ‘Black Question’

  title={V. I. Lenin on the ‘Black Question’},
  author={Joe Pateman},
  pages={77 - 93}
In his revolutionary activities and writings from 1913 to the fourth Comintern Congress in 1922, V. I. Lenin didn’t merely analyze the function of black labor in the process of capitalist development. He also had something to say about the role that black people themselves would play in their own emancipation. His posthumously published article Russians and Negroes is particularly insightful. The guiding motto of the Comintern under the direction of Lenin—‘Workers and oppressed peoples of all… 
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“... friendship between the[m]... and an exchange... published in... Partisan Review...” Craven, Alice Mikal, William E. Dow, Yoko Nakamura, editors, Of Latitudes Unknown: James Baldwin’s Radical