V.—Observations on the Basilosaurus of Dr. Harlan (Zeuglodon cetoides, Owen).

  title={V.—Observations on the Basilosaurus of Dr. Harlan (Zeuglodon cetoides, Owen).},
  author={R. Owen},
  journal={Transactions of the Geological Society},
  pages={69 - 79}
  • R. Owen
  • Biology
  • Transactions of the Geological Society
  • Plates VII., VIII., and IX. In the recent discussion on the Stonesfield fossil jaws, one of the arguments adduced in support of the Saurian hypothesis of these jaws was founded on the presumed existence of a reptile possessing teeth with double fangs, this reptile being the Basilosaurus of Dr. Harlan*. I refused to admit the validity of this argument until the teeth had been subjected to a re-examination, with an especial view to their alleged mode of implantation, and I adduced as reasons for… CONTINUE READING
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