Vénéreau-type polynomials as potential counterexamples

  title={V{\'e}n{\'e}reau-type polynomials as potential counterexamples},
  author={Drew Lewis},
  journal={Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra},
  • D. Lewis
  • Published 14 July 2010
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra

Bivariables and Vénéreau polynomials

— We study a family of polynomials introduced by Daigle and Freudenburg, which contains the famous Vénéreau polynomials and defines A2fibrations over A2. According to the Dolgachev–Weisfeiler

Strongly Residual Coordinates over A [ x ]

For a commutative ring A, a polynomial f ∈ A[x][n] is called a strongly residual coordinate if f becomes a coordinate (over A) upon going modulo x, and f becomes a coordinate (over A[x, x −1]) upon

Bivariables and V\'en\'ereau polynomials.

We study a family of polynomials introduced by Daigle and Freudenburg, which contains the famous Venereau polynomials and defines $\mathbb{A}^2$-fibrations over $\mathbb{A}^2$. According to the


Our base field is the field ℂ of complex numbers. We study families of reductive group actions on $$ {\mathbb A} $$2 parametrized by curves and show that every faithful action of a non-finite

The cancellation problem over Noetherian one-dimensional domains

LetR be a commutative Noetherian one-dimensional domain containingQ. In this paperweprove that if anR-algebraA is such thatA[n] ∼=R R[n+2], for somen≥ 1, then A ∼=R R[2]. In terms of affine

The epimorphism theorem and its generalizations

The celebrated "Epimorphism Theorem" opened up several directions of research. In this survey article we highlight the known partial results and open questions on (i) the epimorphism problem for

A unified approach to embeddings of a line in 3-space

While the general question of whether every closed embedding of an affine line in affine 3-space can be rectified remains open, there have been several partial results proved by several different

Interpolation in the Automorphism Group of a Polynomial Ring

Let R be a commutative ring with unity and SAn(R) be the group of volume-preserving automorphisms of the polynomial R-algebra R[n]. Given a proper ideal 𝔞 of R, we address in this paper the question

$\mathbb{A}^2$ -Fibrations between affine spaces are trivial $\mathbb{A}^2$-bundles

We give a criterion for a flat fibration with affine plane fibers over a smooth scheme defined over a field of characteristic zero to be a Zariski locally trivial $\mathbb{A}^2$-bundle. An



Simple birational extensions of the polynomial algebra C[3]

The Abhyankar-Sathaye Problem asks whether any biregular embedding φ: C k → C n can be rectified, that is, whether there exists an automorphism a E Aut C n such that a o φ is a linear embedding. Here

Polynomial coordinates and their behavior in higher dimensions

A coordinate is an element of a polynomial ring which is the first component of some automorphism of this ring. Understanding the structure of coordinates is still one of the major problems in the

Locally polynomial algebras are symmetric algebras

of a finitely generated projective K-module P. This result, to which the title refers, is contained in Theorem (4.4) below. Geometrically it asserts that every locally trivial fibre space over

Families of Affine Fibrations

This paper gives a method of constructing affine fibrations for polynomial rings. The method can be used to construct the examples of \(\mathbb {A}\) 2-fibrations in dimension 4 due to Bhatwadekar

Automorphismes et variables de l'anneau de polynômes A[y_1,...,y_n]

Dans un anneau de polynomes a $n$ indeterminees $A\n=A[y_1\tr y_n]$ a coefficients dans un anneau commutatif unitaire $A$ on dit qu'un polynome $p=p(y_1\tr y_n)$ est une variable ou $A$-variable s'il

Polynomial fibre rings of algebras over noetherian rings