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Véleményszabadság vs. emberi méltóság – Egy rejtélyes alaptörvény-módosítás nyomában

  title={V{\'e}lem{\'e}nyszabads{\'a}g vs. emberi m{\'e}lt{\'o}s{\'a}g – Egy rejt{\'e}lyes alapt{\"o}rv{\'e}ny-m{\'o}dos{\'i}t{\'a}s nyom{\'a}ban},
  author={T{\'e}gl{\'a}si Andr{\'a}s},
  • Téglási András
  • Published 2016
  • Political Science
  • The paper examines to what extent the Constitutional Court of Hungary relied – after the Fundamental Law took force – on formerly elaborated justifications and arguments in the course of interpreting the freedom of speech and human dignity. The contents of the text of the Fundamental Law taking force on 1 January 2012 was identical with the text of the previous Constitution. According to Article IX para. (1) of Fundamental Law: everyone shall have the right to freedom of speech. However… CONTINUE READING

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