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Uyghurs: Chinesization, Violence and the Future

  title={Uyghurs: Chinesization, Violence and the Future},
  author={A. Razak and Mohamed Imtiyaz},
  journal={Journal of International Relations},
This study examines ethnic tensions and conflict in the China’s conflict-ridden Xinjiang region where Uyghurs, who share distinct traits such as language, culture, and religion, claim geographical domination. The major thesis of this study is that Chinesization of Xinjiang region by the Chinese Communist party (CCP) has fuelled an ethnic conflict and violence. The study attempts to understand violence of both parties. Each party’s violence or violent attitudes against the other increases the… Expand
Japanese Console Games Popularization in China
This article attempts to explore the popularization of Japanese console games in China in the past two decades, which reveals the tripartite relationship of the nation-state, transnational culturalExpand
The impact of game censorship and regulations on foreign game consoles in China
  • Jiaqiang Zhang, C. Chiu
  • 2020 13th CMI Conference on Cybersecurity and Privacy (CMI) - Digital Transformation - Potentials and Challenges(51275)
  • 2020
Strict censorship and digital game localization made the Chinese government implement a 15-year ban on foreign or domestic manufacturers and sales of game consoles back in 2000. However, the ban wasExpand