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Uumajut : Animal Imagery in Inuit Art

  title={Uumajut : Animal Imagery in Inuit Art},
  author={Bernadette Driscoll and Rob McGee and George S. C. Swinton},
Looking at animals in Inuit art, the authors analyze prehistoric Eskimo cultures and carvings, examine Inuit beliefs about animals and look at the meanings of animals in contemporary Inuit art. Includes commentaries by three artists and a glossary of related Inuktitut vocabulary. 

Spirituality and the Seamstress: Birds in Ipiutak and Western Thule Lifeways at Deering, Alaska

Zooarchaeological data from sites 49-KTZ-299 and 49-KTZ-300 at Deering, Alaska, and ethnographic and oral historical information from Inupiat, Yupiit, Inuit, and other northern Indigenous communities

The Dorset culture longhouse at Brooman Point, Nunavut

Cet article presente une breve description d'une maison longue du Dorsetien recent et des rangees de foyers y etant associees au site de Brooman Point. L'article explore la signification des liens

Frozen Coasts and the Development of Inuit Culture in the North American Arctic

The northernmost part of the North American continent has seen some of the most fascinating human adaptations anywhere. In the New World this huge area extends some 11,000 km from the Aleutian

Introduction aux collections arctiques et à la muséologie : Présentations, diffusions et interprétations / Introduction to Arctic Collections and Museology: Presentations, Disseminations, and Interpretations

e numéro d’ Études Inuit Studies dédié aux collections arctiques et à la muséologie dans les musées fait suite au panel Collections arctiques : Présentations, diffusions et interprétations , proposé