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  • Published 2013

Utvärdering av kommuners arbete mot anlagda skolbränder

  title={Utv{\"a}rdering av kommuners arbete mot anlagda skolbr{\"a}nder},
  author={Sofia Persson and Sara Uhnoo and Hans Ekbrand and Charlotta Thodelius and S. Lindgren},
"Abstract" "This section summarizes the results from the project Evaluation of Municipalities’ Efforts to" "Prevent Arson. Based on the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s review of measures to prevent school arson in 80 Swedish municipalities, the aim of the evaluation was to identify and discuss work models and interventions that appear to be successful. To this end, the anti- arson efforts in 20 municipalities were analysed in-depth (encompassing a total of 15 different preventive… CONTINUE READING