Utrecht neuroprosthesis: from brain signal to Independent control

  title={Utrecht neuroprosthesis: from brain signal to Independent control},
  author={M. V. D. Boom and M. Vermaas and E. Aarnoutse and S. Leinders and Elmar G. M. Pels and Z. Freudenburg and M. Branco and M. J. Vansteensel and N. Ramsey},
Recently a locked-in ALS patient was equipped with the Utrecht NeuroProsthesis (UNP), a fully implantable electrocorticography (ECoG)-based BCI system. The UNP system translates the neuronal activity from this patient to a control signal that is used to make selections within a graphical user interface (GUI) and speller application. This paper describes the current architecture of the UNP system from brain signal to GUI and speller control. 

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