Utilizing signature-score to identify oncogenic pathways of cholangiocarcinoma.

  title={Utilizing signature-score to identify oncogenic pathways of cholangiocarcinoma.},
  author={Tzu-Hung Hsiao and Hung-I Harry Chen and Jo-Yang Lu and Pei-ying Lin and Charles Keller and Sarah A. Comerford and Gail E. Tomlinson and Yidong Chen},
  journal={Translational cancer research},
  volume={2 1},
Extracting maximal information from gene signature sets (GSSs) via microarray-based transcriptional profiling involves assigning function to up and down regulated genes. Here we present a novel sample scoring method called Signature-score (S-score) which can be used to quantify the expression pattern of tumor samples from previously identified gene signature sets. A simulation result demonstrated an improved accuracy and robustness by S-score method comparing with other scoring methods. By… CONTINUE READING


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