Utilization of single phase inverters in Photovoltaic system


This paper presents a Photovoltaic (PV) system, in which solar energy is taken into consideration as a renewable energy source. Furthermore, the variation in the output responses of PV system because of the effect of various factors, including solar irradiation, temperature, ideality factor and saturation current are shown here in great details. However, it has been noticed that these factors cause reduction in the system's performance. Therefore, in order to improve PV system's efficiency, it is recommended to use a solar panel which follows an ideal solar panel. Finally, with a view to supplying this derived solar energy to the consumer's end, the implementation of inverter is required. For this reason, this paper deals with both half bridge and full bridge single phase inverters with an LC low pass filter appended at their output terminals. It has been found that full bridge inverter gives two times more output than half bridge inverter and this has certainly the advantage of using less valued step up transformer.

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