Utilization of green seed canola oil for in situ epoxidation

  title={Utilization of green seed canola oil for in situ epoxidation},
  author={Rubeena Mungroo and Vaibhav V Goud and Satyajith N Naik and Ajay K. Dalai},
Green seed canola oil is underutilized for edible purposes due to its high chlorophyll content, which makes it more susceptible to photo-oxidation and ultimately reduces the oxidation stability. The present work is an attempt to compare the kinetics of epoxidation of crude green seed canola oil (CGSCO) and treated green seed canola oil (TGSCO) with peroxyacids generated in situ in presence of an Amberlite IR-120 acidic ion exchange resin (AIER) as catalyst. Among the two oxygen carrier studied… CONTINUE READING