Utility of 17 chloroplast genes for inferring the phylogeny of the basal angiosperms.

  title={Utility of 17 chloroplast genes for inferring the phylogeny of the basal angiosperms.},
  author={S. Graham and R. Olmstead},
  journal={American journal of botany},
  volume={87 11},
  • S. Graham, R. Olmstead
  • Published 2000
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of botany
  • Sequences from 14 slowly evolving chloroplast genes (including three highly conserved introns) were obtained for representative basal angiosperm and seed-plant taxa, using novel primers described here. These data were combined with published sequences from atpB, rbcL, and newly obtained sequences from ndhF. Combined data from these 17 genes permit sturdy, well-resolved inference of major aspects of basal angiosperm relationships, demonstrating that the new primers are valuable tools for sorting… CONTINUE READING
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