Utility and Validity of Middle and Late Triassic ‘Land Vertebrate Faunachrons’

  title={Utility and Validity of Middle and Late Triassic ‘Land Vertebrate Faunachrons’},
  author={E. Rayfield and P. Barrett and A. R. Milner},
  • E. Rayfield, P. Barrett, A. R. Milner
  • Published 2009
  • Geology
  • ABSTRACT A tetrapod-based biochronologic framework for the terrestrial Triassic, which subdivides the Triassic into eight ‘Land Vertebrate Faunachrons’ (LVFs), has been proposed and developed by Lucas and coworkers. In a recent article, these authors reiterated their support for this scheme and used this opportunity to respond to criticisms dealing with the validity and utility of Triassic LVFs. This article is a reply to Lucas and colleagues and demonstrates that many aspects of this Triassic… CONTINUE READING
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