Utilitarianism: For and Against

  title={Utilitarianism: For and Against},
  author={J. J. C. Smart and Bernard Arthur Owen Williams},
1. An outline of a system of utilitarian ethics J. J. C. Smart 2. A critique of utilitarianism Bernard Williams Bibliography J. J. C. Smart. 
The Problem of Harm in World Politics: Theoretical Investigations
Introduction 1. The concept of harm 2. The harm principle and global ethics 3. Harm and international relations theory 4. The sociology of civilizing processes 5. Historical sociology and world
Philosophy and the quest for ethical foundations: An overview
This paper provides an overview of the role of philosophy in the quest for ethical foundations. It does so by examining some obstacles to ethical inquiry, i.e., the trends of technicism and relativ...
An Understanding of Common Morality
The idea of common morality is not a new idea. Philosophers have been engaged with it from the very early days. Many modern philosophers intend to perceive it when they compare or contrast it with ...
Needs and Moral Necessity
Needs and Moral Necessity analyses ethics as a practice, explains why we have three moral theory-types, consequentialism, deontology and virtue ethics, and argues for a fourth needs-based theory.
P.A. Eth-Talk: Is It Ethical? (1)
The study and discussion of ethics in public administration can be dysfunctional and even harmful without a sophisticated understanding of the field and ethics. This article stresses that those
The Ethics of Organizational Politics
Political uses of power demand explicit consideration of ethical restraints, in part because current management theory focuses on the value of outcomes rather than on the value of the means chosen.
Virtue Ethics and Consequentialism in Early Chinese Philosophy
1. Introduction 2. Kongzi and Ruism 3. Mozi and early Mohism 4. Mengzi 5. Pluralistic Ruism.
An individual reality, separate from oneself: alienation and sociality in moral theory
I argue that the social dimension of alienation, as discussed by Williams and Railton, has been underappreciated. The lesson typically drawn from their exchange is that moral theory poses a threat ...
Reproduction, Partiality, and the Non-identity Problem
This paper argues that there are reasonable grounds for scepticism about the idea of a uniquely integrated account of the ethics of human reproduction on either partialist or impartialist terms.


The Disutility of Act-Utilitarianism
"The principle of utility, (I have heard it said) is a dangerous principle: it is dangerous on certain occasions to consult it." This is as much as to say, what ? that it is not consonant with