Utilisation des larves dePlutella maculipennis [Lep.: Hyponomeutidae] comme insecte-Test de divers hyphomycètes entomopathogènes [Fungi imperfecti]

  title={Utilisation des larves dePlutella maculipennis [Lep.: Hyponomeutidae] comme insecte-Test de divers hyphomyc{\`e}tes entomopathog{\`e}nes [Fungi imperfecti]},
  author={Pierre Robert and Maurice Marchal},
RésuméLa sensibilité dePlutella maculipennisCurt. à divers hyphomycètes entomopathogènes est définie par des essais biologiques en conditions standardisées. La contamination est réalisée par pulvérisation sous tour de traitement de rondelles de chou calibrées; les chenilles au 3e stade, venant de muer, sont placées pendant 48 h sur les rondelles traitées.Le calcul des droites logarithme de la dose-probit de la mortalité et des DL 50 le 6e j après le traitement, montre que les larves deP… 
Sensibilité des larves de l'hémiptère hémathophage,Rhodnius prolixus [Triatominae] aux hyphomycètes entomopathogènes
Bioassays were used to measure the susceptibility of larvae of Rhodnius prolixus [Hemiptera] Stal to 5 isolates ofBeauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill, and found that 3 strains killed over 50% of larvae and only B. bassiana no 326 andP.
Occurrence and pathogenicity ofBeauveria bassiana infesting larvalSitona discoideus [Col.: Curculionidae] in the Mediterranean region
The fungusBeauveria bassiana Vuillemin was the predominant natural enemy ofSitona discoideus Gyllenhal larvae and pupae in the Mediterranean region and several isolates of the pathogen were tested in laboratory bioassays to determine their potential activity.
Immunological characterization of the entomopathogenic hyphomycetes Beauveria and Metarhizium
It is confirmed that immunoelectrophoresis proves to be a very useful aid for the characterization of the Hyphomycetes candidates for biological control of insect pests.


Spécificité des champignons pathogènes imparfaits [Hyphomycètes] pour les larves de coléoptères [Scarabaeidae etChrysomelidae]
Some strains ofBeauveria bassiana, B. tenella, Metarrhizium anisopliae andNomuraea rileyi were tested for specificity to Cetonia aurata, Oryctes rhinoceros, Melolontha melolontha andLeptinotarsa decemlineata larvae, and the results obtained provided informations about the different modalities of the specificity of Hyphomycets on insects.
Absence de résistance aBacillus thuringiensis, chez la teigne des crucifères,Plutella maculipennis [Lep.: Hyponomeutidae]
A strain ofPlutella maculipennis was held under high selection pressure byBacillus thuringiensis spore-crystal complex (standard E 61) for 10 generations and no significant difference of susceptibility was observed when compared to the control strain.
Considerations on the specificity of entomopathogenic fungi
Various aspects of the specificity are reviewed among entomopathogenic species of Entomophthorales and Hyphomycetes and recent results on taxonomy and characterization of pathotypes of Hyphonic species are discussed.
Industrial and international standardization of microbial pesticides — II. Insect viruses
Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (Baculovirus) (NPV) preparations, designed for biological control of insects, have to be standardized by bioassay in nearly the same way asBacillus thuringiensis
Industrial and international standardization of microbial pesticides — I.Bacillus thuringiensis
It would be most useful to demonstrate the biological activity differences of different products with the help of internationally distributed standard preparations of each proposed serotype and using various technics and multiple test insects.
Pulv6risation et poudrage au laboratoire par des pr6parations pathog6nes insecticides
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  • 1956
Contribution ~, la mise au point du titrage biologique des champignons entomopathog~nes ; exemple de la mycose 5, Beauveria brongniartii (Fungi inperfecti, Moniliales)
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